Yes. We Share Our Secrets!

Many of the “little secrets” we share may surprise you. We don’t usually talk about them out loud, but if you are an IT veteran, you’ve probably encountered most of these issues and have a few of your own to add.


Using Jargon to Confuse

Even the very best IT pros mess up. However, not all are good at admitting it. Have you met individuals who take advantage of the fact that business managers don’t share their understanding of technology?

Consolidating Power

It can be subtle but some IT pros select and implement technologies based on how well those technologies make the business dependent on the IT pros.  What happened to selecting ones that are truly best for the business?

Roadblocks to Change

It’s not budget constraints or even management objections; it’s the techies in the IT department. Once they have something up and running, they are reluctant to change it. Aren’t we all?.